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  • Loghman Pharmaceutical & Hygienic Co.
    Loghman pharmaceutical & hygienic Co. is located in Tehran, Iran and is one of the most leading manufactures in production of Comprehensive collection of wide-spectrum antibiotics, Cephalosporins, penicillins, macrolides, Betalactamase &… in different dosage forms with high rank among pharmaceutical companies.

  • 25th Iranian Colledge of Internal Medicine
    25th Iranian Colledge of Internal Medicine was held from May 20th to May 23th in Razi Conference Sallon.

  • loghman
    The Production Division of Loghman Pharmaceutical Co.

  • loghman
    The Production Division of Loghman Pharmaceutical Co.loghman

  • Loghman
    Loghman co. was established in 1968 as a private joint stock with registration No. 12461 in 1968 .It was registered under the name of I.D.I familine and was authorized to manufacture wide range of pharmaceutical products since 1979. After Islamic revolution,It has expanded its production under the name of Loghman pharmaceutical and hygienic company.


The Production Division of Loghman Pharmaceutical Co. is equipped with modern,high capacity production machinery which produce wide range of pharmaceutical dosage forms in various therapeutic categories including cephalosporin,penicillin, macrolide,penem and etc.

In view of continuous growth,our manufacturing's precise is based on GMP regulation and guidlines,according to the latest edition of reliable resources.

And the standards of GMP are observed under supervision of company's specialists.To guarantee the required clinical effect for our product, Loghman acquires its raw materials from the most reliable international suppliers .

Increasing output along with quality has created opportunities for Loghman to expand its reputation in domestic and foreign markets.

At the moment,all of activities of Loghman's directors focused on  Incresing quality  of pharmaceutical Products.



R & D Department:

In order to meet international standards,our R&D department is dedicated to developing innovative and cost-effective medicines with the aid of well-equipped  analytical instruments and  has carried out by experienced researchers in pharmacology by focusing on innovative process for existing drugs and development new drug formulation and ensure on the high quality of its product  according to market needs .

Also it puts the great efforts on phamacy and analytical research to perform  invitro and bio-equivalency studies in house , to extend and enhance health care in our community.

Our R&D team has helped to bring to patients many new medicines to treat parkinson, serious mental illness, rheumatoid arthritis ,Deppression,cardiovascular disease and diabetes. While our focus continues in many of these areas, we are also expanding our efforts to other diseases where the science beckons and the patient need is evident.

As we look ahead to the future, our focus remains on building a pipeline of innovative therapies that expand the frontiers of biomedical research.

Most of all, our future depends on the people who work here. Each day, all around the world, we come to work committed to our Company mission: to discover, develop and deliver innovative medicines that help patients prevail over serious diseases.



Quality Control Department:

Quality control is an essential operation of the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs must be marketed as safe and therapeutically active formulations whose performance is consistent and predictable. New and better medicinal agents are being produced at an accelerated rate. At the same time more exacting and sophisticated analytical methods are being developed for their evaluation.

In order to achieve high quality of drugs and control the complete process of drug production ,quality control department of Loghman is equipped with advanced testing instruments and all testing is confirmed with last version of USP & BP pharmacopoeia.

Since adequate checks must be carefully worked out during production, a comprehensive quality assurance system has been devised including  chemical, microbiological and in-process quality control laboratories with high pharmaceutical technology in all manufacturing steps to obtain maximum safety and effectiveness of its drugs according to GLP. 


Marketing & Export Department :

Loghman's marketing strategy is based  on customer's satisfaction by recognizing the opportunities for increasing competition in the domestic market apart from growth in export market and opportunities to learn more about international marketing .In order to fulfill this goal, we have focused on launching technologicaly advanced products and innovative marketing approach.

Also,effort for better contribution of products are main plans of market development of our company.

Address: 10th Km Karaj Road (Jadeh makhsoos),Tehran,Iran
Tel: (+98 ) 21 44504121-3
Email: info@loghman-med.com
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