Background and Introduction

Loghman Pharmaceutical and Hygienic Company originally named International drugs industrial company (IDI) started its activity on Karaj road (Lashgari highway) in 1968. After the Islamic Revolution, in 1983, the company’s name was changed to Loghman Pharmaceutical and Hygienic Co. (privately held company) and in 1992, it joined Iran Securities and Exchange Organization. Currently, this company with more than 50 years of brilliant history is one of the largest manufacturers among various pharmaceutical companies and it is known as one of the most valuable pharmaceutical companies in Iran.

Production Department

Loghman Pharmaceutical Company is ready to face the most difficult challenges of drug production by using modern machines in its production lines, in sync with the world’s latest technology and the persistence of expert forces This has enabled it to bring products such as  general solids, oral and injectable cephalosporin, injectable penem, oral penicillin, antibiotic solids, oral liquids, injection liquid vials, injection cartridges and ampoules to mass production. More than 500 active and professional human resources are working in different parts of this company with the aim of utilizing knowledge and making collective commitment to help the increasing progress of the country’s pharmaceutical industry. Along with the employees and specialists, the managers of Loghman Pharmaceutical Company have always been diligent in the promotion and development of this company as well as the pharmaceutical industry of the country and have used all their power for the prosperity of Iran and stop importing similar foreign drugs.

Research and Development Department (R&D)

Loghman Pharmaceutical Company offers more than 130 types of drugs in the forms of tablets, capsules, vials, cartridges, ampoules, syrups, suspensions, sachets, ointments and other forms of drugs in both antibiotic and non-antibiotic groups to meet the various treatment needs of patients in different parts of the country. These products have been developed by pharmacists based on extensive research and scientific evidence to lead the country’s pharmaceutical industry to independence with the highest level of effectiveness. This department regularly revises new formulations and new treatment approaches to improve the efficiency of its products to update the product list to respond to the needs of our dear compatriots for foreign drugs inside the country.

Quality Control Laboratories Department

The expert team of Loghman Pharmaceutical Company consists of experienced pharmacists, researchers and quality control specialists who have used all their strength to provide products with the highest quality standards and extraordinary effectiveness, so that the name of Loghman reminds consumers of the quality and efficiency of the products. This department, includes the raw materials laboratory, control during production, product and microbiology laboratory  and it  applies and observes strict standards in lines with the compliance of product performance and quality with international regulations . As a result, products with the best quality and in accordance with global standards will be offered to the market.

Sales and Export Department

With access to pharmaceutical markets of neighboring countries, CIS countries, the Middle East and South American countries, Loghman Pharmaceutical Company has stepped beyond the domestic borders. The ongoing strategic plans to expand customers at the international level can prove the strong presence and credibility of Loghman Pharmaceuticals on a global scale.It is proven that the company’s products can have a positive impact on the healthcare systems around the world. Access to new markets enable Loghman Pharmaceutical Company to continue innovating in the pharmaceutical industry by investing in the research and development department and establish itself as a reliable brand at the international level. Loghman’s commitment to quality and efficiency ensures health, as the company’s products reflect this commitment.